Tashir Modernizes the Legendary Satirikon
Tashir Group has started a reconstruction and modernization project of Satirikon, a Russian state theatre named after Arkady Raikin. The famous Moscow theatre will soon be renewed and uniquely equipped to become one of the most advanced performance venues in all the capital. The revived Satirikon will greet its guests in 2017.
Construction of Morozov Children’s Hospital in Moscow
Tashir Group has completed in-situ concreting phase within the project for development of a new block for Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital (CCCH) and currently starts installation of utility networks and façade finishing. The new building is scheduled for commissioning in late 2016.
Tashir to build a new church in Armenia
Tashir Group is scheduled to construct a new church of the Holy Martyrs (Srbots Naatakats) in the capital of Armenia. The project is being undertaken as part of the proceedings dedicated to the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, which is widely recognised this year throughout the world.
Tashir sums up the year
Russia's largest construction and industrial conglomerate - Tashir Group - presents its year end activities in key areas for 2014. The group's total investments amounted to 960 million U.S. dollars.
Tashir to construct a modern perinatal-cardiology centre in Moscow
Tashir Group will be the general contractor for the construction of a new perinatal-cardiology centre with a total area of 51,700 square metres in the North-Western administrative district of Moscow. The centre is currently in the preparatory construction stages, with completion planned for 2017.
Tashir extends the RIO into the Armenian market
RIO shopping centres, the largest chain in Russia, is expanding its presence and entering the Armenian market with a new project in Yerevan. The shopping centre will be constructed by Tashir Group, the leading developer of commercial real estate in Russia, that has traditionally been the single contractor at all stages of project development.
Tashir to construct Oleg Tabakov Theatre
Tashir Group will be the general contractor for the second construction phase of a multifunctional complex of the Moscow Oleg Tabakov Theatre, with a total area of 19 600 square metres.
Tashir selected for the Morozov Children City Hospital in Moscow
Tashir Group will erect a new ultra-modern medical building of the Morozov Children City Hospital in Moscow, with a total area of 74,000 square metres, to include underground parking. Currently, the construction is being conducted on the basement floor level, the completion of works and launch are planned for 2016.
Tashir will construct the largest residential complex in New Moscow
Tashir Group will build a multifunctional residential complex, with a total area of 417,445 square metres, near the Skolkovo microdistrict in New Moscow. The new complex will include business-class accommodation, as well as social infrastructure, retail and office space.
Tashir’s contribution to the development of youth sports in Russia
Tashir Group will construct the Free Calisthenics and Gymnastics Centre for the young alumni of the Olympic reserve school in the city of Orel. Tashir will undertake construction of the facility at all stages through to commissioning.

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