Tashir Group will erect a new ultra-modern medical building of the Morozov Children City Hospital in Moscow, with a total area of 74,000 square metres, to include underground parking. Currently, the construction is being conducted on the basement floor level, the completion of works and launch are planned for 2016. The Morozov Children City Hospital is the largest hospital for children in Moscow and one of the oldest children's hospitals in Russia.

The new building will be unique in its functional and technological capabilities and will set the bar in the development of child health care services in the country. In particular, modern engineering and medical equipment will include the first department dedicated to bone marrow transplantation on the new hospital campus. The entire building will include 15 functional divisions, capable of taking on the treatment of 500 patients.

Vice-president of Tashir Group Andrey Ilyaev comments: “It is not Tashir’s first experience in the construction of social buildings; however this particular project will be special. We were entrusted with the most valuable thing - the health of the future generation, and we are proud to contribute to the development of children's health, which is one of the key priorities in the country. Tashir has all the necessary resources and capacities in order to construct a new medical building for the Morozov Children City Hospital in compliance with the best international standards.”

The medical building will consist of an admissions Department with special areas for incoming patients on the ground floor and treatment rooms (single and double) on the second and seventh floors. All rooms are equipped with so-called 'panic buttons' and improved monitoring systems for patients.

According to the approved project, the new 7-storey medical building will be connected by an aboveground passage from the existing hospital building. It will also feature two new entrances to the hospital from the 3rd Lusinovskiy Pereulok. The building is divided into therapeutic and surgical profiles, each of which will include several divisions of endocrinology, pulmonology, neurosurgery and neuro-oncology, traumatology and orthopaedics, etc. Within each division, diagnostic and treatment facilities are provided, as well as entertainment and educational facilities. The centralised operating unit of the new building including 12 operating rooms is supplemented by an additional number of small operating rooms and an intensive care and anaesthesiology department for 33 places. In addition, departments of functional diagnostics, endoscopy, physiotherapy and physical therapy, radiology, and a clinical diagnostic laboratory with a capacity of 2 million studies per year will be housed at the complex. All will be equipped with the most modern medical equipment.

Furthermore, Tashir Group will reconstruct an oxygen gasification station, which will ensure the uninterrupted supply of medical gases for the entire hospital. The project envisages the construction of two sets of diesel generators, retaining enough back-up power for eight hours of work. Immediately upon completion of the construction phase, the new children's hospital will be ready for operation and will be able to provide its patients with the most advanced high-tech outpatient treatment.


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