Tashir commissions a plant producing advanced electric equipment in Armenia
Multi-profile Kaskad Holding, part of Tashir Group, starts a series of facilities producing high-tech electric equipment for an automated distribution networks electricity metering system. The plants will manufacture the latest certified electric equipment for industrial and civil use by Electric Networks of Armenia.
Tashir: 2015 highlights
Tashir Group, a Russian construction and manufacturing company, proudly reflects on its 2015. Retaining its rank as Russia’s largest federation-wide diversified company, Tashir is a big private enterprise recognized among the country’s economy leaders by respected business magazines Forbes (No. 10 (139), October 2015) and RBC (No. 10, 2015).
FITCH unveils the past, present and future of Tashir Group with one symbol
Global retail and brand consultancy FITCH has developed a new brand identity for Tashir Group in its first rebranding since the company was founded in 1999.

Kaluzhskaya Region Governor Visiting Tashir
On the 10th of April this year Anatoly Artamonov, governor of Kaluzhskaya region, visited manufacturing facilities of Tashir (brick production plants) in Vorotynsk as part of his business trip.
Tashir to build the largest livestock breeding complex
Tashir Group will be the biggest investor in the construction of the ‘Redkinskoe’ livestock breeding complex in the Dzerzhinsky district of the Kaluga region. By 2016, the old unserviceable plant will be replaced by the regions' largest modern farm for 2,400 head of dairy cattle. Tashir Group has invested 2.4 billion roubles in the project.
Tashir sums up the year
Russia's largest construction and industrial conglomerate - Tashir Group - presents its year end activities in key areas for 2014. The group's total investments amounted to 960 million U.S. dollars.
Another contribution of Tashir to Kaluga's regional development
On June 15, in the Luchkino village of the Peremyshlskiy district the official opening ceremony was undertaken of a new cattle-breeding complex at Kaluzhskoye Ltd. The president of Tashir Group Samvel Karapetyan, and Governor of Kaluga Anatoly Artamonov, both attended.
Tashir Group Summing Up the Year
The year of 2013 has seen multiple Tashir projects successfully implemented in all areas of its versatile activity, the major ones remaining: construction, development, energy engineering, finances and retail. The total investment amounted to $910 million.
Tashir: Developing New Markets
Tashir group of companies keeps expanding its presence and announces a purchase of land in Penzenskaya region in order to develop a greenhouse complex, which will be the biggest in the region. The Group has invested 6.5 billion roubles in the project.

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