Global retail and brand consultancy FITCH has developed a new brand identity for Tashir Group in its first rebranding since the company was founded in 1999.

Tashir Group is a vertically integrated conglomerate that unites over 200 companies active in a variety of Russian economy sectors. FITCH renewed the logotype to reflect Tashir Group’s history, diversified business structure and scale as well as its vision for the future. The new style is developed around Tashir Group’s old symbol – a multifaceted diamond that symbolizes the company’s diversity. The English slogan – ‘Opportunities Everywhere’ – is part of their new brand positioning also developed by FITCH.

The new logo is an intricate multi-layered pattern, telling the story of Tashir Group’s past, present and future. At its base lie eight icons representing the eight core industries Tashir Group is active in today: development, finance, construction, manufacturing, energy, retail, restaurants and entertainment – a world full of opportunities. Connecting the angles, the base is covered by a circular pattern that is traditionally placed on Khachkars, Armenian cross stones. The sign of eternal life, it symbolises eternity and continuity – the element is mindful of the company’s heritage and reflective of its philosophy of stability and drive. The word mark that accompanies the symbol is based on a custom-built font with sharp diamond-inspired serifs.

Alasdair Lennox, Executive Creative Director EMEA at FITCH says: “It was a real challenge to create a holistic identity that can unite such a diverse portfolio, but by creating simplified and abstract symbols that represent the different business divisions, we have created a strong, coded identity that can take Tashir Group forward into new business opportunities.”

Zara Agemian, Tashir Group’s head of communications and marketing department says: “Today Tashir Group is changing, actively proclaiming its intention to move forward, maintaining the leading positions in its markets. The necessity of a corporate rebranding has become a natural step in the company’s development. In partnership with FITCH we have achieved the key goal – to develop a modern, dynamic and holistic image of the company that would remain mindful of its traditional values and business philosophy that built Tashir Group’s reputation as a strong and professional partner in various sectors of the Russian economy and abroad. The FITCH team managed to translate Tashir Group’s heritage and philosophy in one bold symbol; we are exceptionally pleased with the work and continue to work on rolling the identity out across a multitude of brand touchpoints.”

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