Tashir group of companies keeps expanding its presence and announces a purchase of land in Penzenskaya region in order to develop a greenhouse complex, which will be the biggest in the region. The Group has invested 6.5 billion roubles in the project.

Tashir has bought 300 hectares of land in Narovchatsky and Mokshansky areas of Penzenskaya region in order to site a new flower greenhouse there. The target for the current year is to grow up to 200 million Dutch roses per annum.

Varuzhan Artenyan, first vice president of Tashir group of companies: "We are always dedicated to opening up new promising sectors for further business development. Having vast experience of asset management in different areas of the economy, we feel the potential to launch new projects. The greenhouse complex in Penzenskaya region is one of them. According to our forecast, by the end of 2013 we will be able to reach a production capacity of 200 million roses a year. This will let us cover at least 20-25% of the Russian flower market."

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