The year of 2013 has seen multiple Tashir projects successfully implemented in all areas of its versatile activity, the major ones remaining: construction, development, energy engineering, finances and retail. The total investment amounted to $910 million.

Construction and development

Commissioning real estate in a variety of profiles (total area of 280,000 m2) is one of the landmarks in the construction and development portfolio of the company. In 2013, Tashir, being one of the most successful developers and commissioning real estate in 20 regions of Russia, has shifted its emphasis to expansion in Moscow investing around $600 million into metropolitan projects. Tashir has commissioned five new commercial properties in 2013, four of them are in Moscow: RIO shopping centre in Leninsky prospect; Raikin Centre for Art, Culture and Leisure; as well as a Dirizhabl shopping centre, part of a namesake residential cluster. RIO shopping centre in Kostroma, opened in late 2013, became the key regional project in the commercial property sector. Thus, as of late 2013 the total volume of projects completed by the Group in construction and development (featuring shopping centres, office facilities, hotels, logistics centres and residential projects) amounted to over 2.855 million m2. Tashir Group continues development of the flagship RIO shopping centres chain. Currently RIO is one of the most recognized brands of Russian shopping centres. Apart from constructing new centres in the chain, Tashir keeps improving existing ones by reconceptualisation and by introducing new forms of entertainment. 2013 has seen the second stage of reconceptualisation for the RIO centre in Dmitrovskoye shosse as well as the start of reconceptualisation for RIO on Sevastopolsky Avenue. The current year was marked by the launch of unique projects for Russia: Tashir Group has started to build the first exotic zoos in Russia, in RIO centres in St. Petersburg and in Dmitrovskoye shosse in Moscow.


FORA-BANK JSB is responsible for developing Tashir's financial line. In 2013, it has increased its footprint in the Russian provinces, opening front offices in Saransk and Nizhny Novgorod, as well as subsidiary offices in Moscow, Tula and Yaroslavl. As of the end of the year, there are 58 business units of the bank throughout Russia. FORA-BANK JSB has increased its own capital via subordinated deposit by systematic overtaking of assets and strengthening capital adequacy. Expert RA rating agency assigned rate "A" (high solvency) to FORA-BANK JSB, forecast "stable". Stable forecast means that mid-term chances of keeping the score on the same level are high.


Tashir group of companies is one of the few developers who were successful in developing their own retail brands. Keeping up development of its own retail line Tashir has opened twelve SK-Trading retail chain stores with a total area of around 1,000 m2 as well as three Nash Dom hypermarkets by the end of 2013. Cinema Star, the leading federal cinema chain, has opened four cinemas in Moscow, Kostroma and Yerevan, introducing a unique new concept of 'trendy places', i.e. cinemas with a remarkable atmosphere, to hold interesting and trendy events. Cinema Star in Leninsky prospect became the first cinema in Europe that features three screens with DolbyAtmos systems. Thus far, the Cinema Star chain includes 23 cinemas across 15 Russian and Armenian cities.

Social projects

Tashir Group has been proactively undertaking charity work and sponsorship activities throughout its operations. The year of 2013 was not an exception: Tashir kept delivering active assistance for people in need. Vera hospice aid fund and several foster houses received support from Tashir in 2013. Furthermore, Tashir also donates money to build and maintain socially important facilities in Armenia. The company for example has constructed a republic clinical centre in Stepanakert and donated it to the people of Karabakh.

Corporate style

Corporate rebranding became a remarkable event in the life of Tashir. The new Tashir style has picked the best features from the old one and become even more versatile and dynamic. The new logo features all main facets of the company's business. Every one of the eight activities (finance, manufacturing, construction, development, energy engineering, retail, entertainment, restaurant business) is reflected in the new logo. Tashir Group will enter 2014 with a new renovated identity and with a variety of new projects that will achieve success thanks to its steady philosophy: diverse business, a team of professionals, the scale of the company and its reliability supported by a vast experience.

About the company: Tashir group of companies was founded in 1999. It integrates over 200 companies across eight business sectors, employing over 45,000 people in total. The headquarters are located in Moscow. As of today, Tashir Group has already constructed over 60 commercial properties and provides administration for them. The total area of facilities in operation, being constructed and developed amounts to over 4.5 million m2. Tashir companies perform the entire project cycle from engineering the property to renting it out and maintaining it. The footprint of the Group covers over 47 cities in Russia and the CIS.

Construction and development:
Opening RIO shopping centre in Kostroma
Constructing the first exotic zoos in shopping centres
Opening RIO shopping centre in Leninsky prospect
Opening Raikin Centre for art, culture and recreation 
Reconceptualising RIO shopping centre in Sevastopolsky prospect
Social projects:
Republic medical centre in Stepanakert

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