Yerevan hosts Armenia’s largest business forum
The 2021 Armenian Business Forum (ABF), a large-scale event which will reinvigorate economic growth, create new investment opportunities in Armenia and support young entrepreneurs, has taken place in Yerevan. The event was organized by the Armenian Business Association with support from Tashir Group.
Tashir Group: 2020 in review
This year, Tashir Group continued strengthening its positions in core business areas and building its portfolio.
Tashir Group: 2019 in review
This year, Tashir Group continued strengthening its positions in core business areas. The group’s total revenue in 2019 amounted to 181 billion rubles.
RBC lists Tashir Group among Russia’s top private companies
RBC has listed Tashir Group among Russia’s Top 500 private companies in 2019 with a revenue of 172 billion rubles.
Tashir Group keeps its spot in Forbes’ annual ranking
On September 16, Forbes released its annual ranking of Russia’s Top 200 private companies (see Issue #10, 2019). The list includes Tashir Group with a revenue of 172 billion rubles in 2018, which is 4.9% higher than a year earlier.
Tashir Group reviews 2017
In 2017, Tashir Group continued growing in all the key areas. The group’s total revenue this year for all the industries (construction, development, manufacturing, retail, energy, finance, health care, etc.) in Russia and abroad amounted to 164 billion rubles.
Tashir among Russia’s largest companies according to Forbes
Tashir Group has climbed two spots on the list of Russia’s 200 largest private companies compiled by the Russian edition of Forbes (No. 10(163), 2017). Tashir is currently ranked 34th with a revenue of 195 billion rubles in 2016.
Tashir group to launch new restaurant projects in Moscow
Tashir Group continues to expand its food retail portfolio with two new projects at its own mall in Moscow—Kvartal restaurant and Le Mélange café cum candy shop.
Tashir to launch new Sochi’s largest restaurant project located within Grand Marina shopping gallery
Tashir Group launches its new, large-scale restaurant project D.O.M. with 3K sq m GBA located within Grand Marina Shopping Gallery, Sochi. Tashir Group was the single executor of all project stages, construction to managing, having invested a total of 10M USD in the project.
Solemn opening ceremony of the Moscow legendary Aragvi restaurant
On the 7 of April, after a long restoration, the famous Moscow restaurant Aragvi at 6 Tverskaya St. reopened. The opening ceremony was held under the slogan “The Legend Returns.” The restaurant’s twelve dining halls, each in the style of a different historical period, span 1,800 sq m. The investor, Tashir Group, had spent 20 million dollars on the project overseen by Managing Partner Gor Nakhapetyan.

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