Tashir Group has climbed two spots on the list of Russia’s 200 largest private companies compiled by the Russian edition of Forbes (No. 10(163), 2017). Tashir is currently ranked 34th with a revenue of 195 billion rubles in 2016.

Tashir increased its revenue by 30 billion rubles (+20%) this year. According to Forbes, most of the revenue is generated through the lease of shopping centers owned by the group. In addition, Tashir has been actively developing other areas, like construction, including residential, energy, retail, restaurants and movie theaters, and healthcare projects.

The group has been annually listed by Forbes in Top 200 since 2008, starting as No. 62. Throughout this time, Tashir has been steadily improving its position in the rankings.

The Forbes list of Russia’s 200 largest private companies ranks companies based on their revenue in 2017 and includes companies with less than 50 percent of government and foreign ownership.

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