On June 24, Tashir Group opened Kvartal WEST, a new multipurpose complex located at 6 Aminyevskoye Shosse. This modern center was built in place of an abandoned construction project in Moscow’s Ochakovo-Matveyevskoye borough. The new complex has brought along a number of infrastructure facilities which will now be available to all the local residents. Tashir Group invested a total of about 20 billion rubles in the project.

The project’s concept is to create an atmosphere of a “city within a city.” The complex includes a shopping mall, office and residential areas, entertainment facilities, a gym, restaurants and coffee shops, and an underground parking garage. The total area is about 140,000 square meters. This includes a six-story shopping mall, two 22-story towers and a three-level underground parking garage for 1,000 cars. The mall has an area of 70,000 sq.m., the office space is 18,000 sq.m., and apartments account for 24,000 sq.m. All the segments of the complex will be interconnected with passageways.

The six floors of the shopping mall host stores of Russian and international retailers (H&M, Detsky Mir, Eldorado, Gloria Jeans, Rendez-Vous, etc.), groceries (Perekryostok), a movie theater (Cinema Star, the first multiplex in Moscow equipped with the Dolby Atmos sound system), a gym (World Class), restaurants (Seasons, Uryuk, #Farsh, etc.) and a food court (МсDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, etc.), service shops, banks and telecom vendors.
Mall visitors, including those with special needs, will enjoy recreational areas, a babycare room, navigation terminals, free Wi-Fi and free shuttle service between the mall and the nearest subway station. The building is equipped with modern elevators and escalators, as well as emergency exits. The area around the complex has been landscaped.

Tashir Group performed all the works on the project itself, from designing to complete implementation, including brokerage, maintenance and management.

“The complex was built in place of an unfinished construction project which was abandoned many years ago. This large concrete structure was an eyesore in one of Moscow’s nicest neighborhoods. It was not easy to dismantle the unfinished framework and replace it with not just a modern multipurpose complex but a landmark facility complete with well-developed infrastructure,” said Emil Petrosyan, head of Advanced Development and Project Coordination at Tashir Group.

Kvartal WEST was designed by the DBA Group agency. “When dividing the complex into zones, we tried to make the layout convenient for all the categories of visitors. With Kvartal WEST, we paid special attention to lighting, ergonomics and the architectural shape of the internal space. We wanted visitors to feel as comfortable as possible. We picked colors and geometric shapes based on the latest global trends in designing similar projects. All the materials and solutions we used meet the highest quality standards and have the best-in-class specifications,” said DBA Group CEO Vladislav Andreyev.

The new complex on Aminyevskoye Shosse is conveniently located and easily accessible. Kvartal WEST is close to Moscow’s major routes – Mozhaiskoye Shosse, Michurinsky Prospect and Kutuzovsky Prospect. The complex is surrounded with residential neighborhoods. There are a few public transport stops located next the building. In 2021, a new subway station, Aminyevskoye Shosse, will open close to the complex.

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