Mobile Medical Technologies LLC (part of Tashir Group) is expanding its footprint by entering the Kazakh market.

Together with its partners in Kazakhstan – Imedicus and Kcell – Mobile Medical Technologies (MMT) launched Mobi Doctor, a telemedicine platform. The customers of Kcell, a Kazakh mobile phone operator, will now have 24/7 access to online medical consultations with general practitioners and pediatricians. The service will be included in the monthly tariff.

Experienced doctors from the leading clinics in Moscow and Saint Petersburg will provide consultations through a chat room, a voice call or a video conference in a mobile app or on the website. Local doctors and specialists will soon be available for consultations as well. Currently, users can ask a doctor for assistance in interpreting the results of a medical test, request a second opinion on an earlier diagnosis, receive written recommendations on specific medications, or make adjustments to the treatment plan. The user’s profile will include their medical records, and the chat room has tools enabling users to share their prescriptions, test results or scans with the online doctor.
“Every person should be able to contact a qualified doctor for a consultation instantly instead of wasting time to look up symptoms online and engaging in self-treatment. We erase the border between the doctor and the patient, making a quality telemedicine service accessible to everybody,” said Mobile Medical Technologies CEO Denis Yudchits.

“People increasingly use their smartphones to access various services today. Online consultations with doctors through the Mobi Doctor app will now be available as well. We are launching this new service together with IMEDICUS at a difficult time. Yet this service is needed today as never before. Many of our citizens are limited in their ability to travel because of the covid-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders. This is where Mobi Doctor can prove helpful. The service is very easy to use. All you have to do is download the app or go to the website and start the consultation. Online consultations with general practitioners are currently available to Activ customers with the Jana 3990 tariff plan. The cost of service is included in the monthly payment. For an additional fee, Activ customers can activate the Doctor+ option, which will allow them to get consultations for a child or another adult with a broader range of services,” said Bekarys Nurumbetov, head of the new business division at Kcell.

The service will be available to Activ customers for an unlimited number of times. Activ is a Kcell brand.

A similar project has long been successfully operating in Russia. The Online Doctor telemedicine service has been available in Russia since 2015. During this time, customers received a total of over 100,000 consultations. In March 2020, Online Doctor offered free access to online consultations on coronavirus preventative measures, as well as recommendations for patients with covid-19 symptoms or diagnosis.
The medical platform is available in the Republic of Kazakhstan at
«We erase the border between the doctor and the patient, making a quality telemedicine service accessible to everybody»
Denis Yudchits
Mobile Medical Technologies CEO

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