On June 1, Tashir Group reopened all of its shopping centers in Moscow – RIO Leninsky, RIO Sevastopolsky, RIO Dmitrovskoye Shosse, Avenue Southwest, Raikin Plaza, Yerevan Plaza, Europark, Dirizhabl, Family Room design centers on Kievskoye and Leningradskoye Highways and Bukhta.

This reopening after a protracted pause was made possible by the Moscow mayor’s decree, amending his earlier decree of March 5, 2020, and reopening retail trade in Moscow from June 1, 2020.

Before June 1, shopping centers were only open for customers going to food stores, pharmacies and banks. Now, non-food stores have reopened, along with service providers like dry cleaners, laundries and repair shops. Entertainment centers like movie theaters, sports venues, kid centers and spas remain closed for now. The food court and the restaurant area remain closed for customers as well, operating in the delivery-only mode.

Before reopening, all shopping centers took necessary sanitary measures as recommended by the Consumer Protection Service. To make sure visitors and personnel working at the shopping centers are safe, the venues were cleaned with disinfectants and special markers facilitating social distancing were placed on the floor. Public announcements explain the rules of conduct to visitors. The staff strictly follow the rules, working in personal protection gear and enforcing safety regulations for visitors. Face masks are mandatory.

Earlier, on May 13, RIO Belgorod reopened after the Belgorod governor issued an order allowing non-food stores to resume their operations. In keeping with the governor’s order and instructions by the Consumer Protection Service, the shopping center is only open on weekdays.

“The epidemiological situation is different in different parts of Russia, so it’s important not to get ahead of ourselves. We closely monitor instructions issued by the federal and local government bodies. Once they make a decision to reopen in a certain place, we thoroughly consider how to ensure sanitary standards before reopening. At this point, our primary goal is not to increase customer traffic at our centers; our top priority is the safety of our customers,” said Zara Adzhemyan, head of Tashir Group’s external communications department.

Currently, Tashir Group has 30 shopping centers in its portfolio, 11 of them in Moscow. The group is one of the largest commercial real estate owners in Russia.

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