Tashir Group continues to support healthcare institutions fighting the coronavirus outbreak. On May 22, a shipment of protective gear, hospital equipment and other medical supplies for doctors and patients was sent to Yaroslavl hospitals.

This is the second phase in supporting Russian hospitals fighting the pandemic. In this phase, Tashir provided Yaroslavl hospitals with respirators, medical gowns, disposable supplies, pulse oximeters to monitor blood oxygen levels, two-way radios for doctors and modern adjustable hospital beds.

As Tashir first vice president Tatevik Karapetyan, overseeing the group’s charitable programs, stated earlier, “the company will continue supporting doctors and hospitals in fighting the coronavirus for as long as the epidemiological situation in Russia requires.” So far, Tashir has provided Russian hospitals with 35 million rubles worth of aid.

Earlier, in the first phase, Tashir helped hospitals in Moscow and Kaluga, providing them with protective gear, medical equipment and other supplies. In addition to targeted deliveries to hospitals, Tashir offered free access to its Online Doctor service in March. The service enables patients and doctors to get a consultation with a specialist on covid-19 treatment.

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