Tashir Group has launched the active construction stage for the Rozmarin Deluxe premium residential project in southwestern Moscow. Tashir has invested a total of 6 billion rubles in the project. The complex is to be commissioned in Q2 of 2019.

Rozmarin Deluxe is being built on a 1.2 hectare property at 43 Khersonskaya Street. The building will consist of three sections of 32, 26 and 32 stories respectively, with landscaped surroundings and an underground parking garage. The total residential area of the complex is about 40,000 square meters. It consists of 540 apartments (43.8 to 163.8 sq. m. each), mostly with panoramic views. So far, four stories of Section 1 have been built. Rozmarin Deluxe will be an extension of the Rozmarin (formerly Gazoil City) residential complex at 19 Namyotkina Street, which was commissioned in 2012. Rozmarin consists of two sections with an underground parking area. The total residential area of the complex is about 85,000 sq. m. and consists of 827 shell-and-core apartments (42 to 236 sq. m. each).

Rozmarin Deluxe is a modern premium residential complex located in southwestern Moscow in a beautiful environment. Proximity to subway stations and convenient transport routes mean it will be easy for the residents to get to the center of the city. The complex has well-developed infrastructure: stores, kindergartens, a fitness center, cafes and restaurants. The adjacent area has been landscaped as a park with fountains and playgrounds. Later, a number of sporting areas will be added (a volleyball court, a basketball court, tables for table tennis, and a jogging lane). The complex is close to Vorontsovsky Park, a green recreational area in southwestern Moscow.

Other premium projects under active construction include the Bereg Stolitsi apartment complex in Serebryany Bor (Moscow) and the Ambassador Golf Club Residence on Dovzhenko Street (Moscow) and residential complex City Park on Kotoroslnaya quay of Yaroslavl.

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