Tashir announces the opening of a new large-scale catering project in Moscow’s South-West: Seasons Restaurant, with an area of over 1,000 square metres, opened in the RIO Shopping and Entertainment Centre which also belongs to Tashir Group.

Seasons combines the best of the world's cuisine. The restaurant’s signature is its menu that offers visitors a wide range of dishes made of fresh ingredients depending on time of the year and culinary seasons. In addition, Seasons has a large wine collection, its own deli and bakery. Seasons is decorated in a Mediterranean style – light colours with bright textile accents.

“We created a restaurant that pays special attention to seasonal dishes: such exquisite produce as truffles and artichokes have their own harvesting time when they taste and cook the best. Always fresh ingredients, simple yet delicious seasonal dishes will become the main feature of Seasons,” – notes Stanislav Balayev, the head chef.

Since 1999, the Tashir Group has been actively developing its own restaurant business and managing many other projects that differ in their concepts and price range. Every year Tashir, a leading retail property developer in Russia, opens new restaurants within both its own shopping and entertainment centres and beyond, while also investing in other unique catering projects.

Tashir Group restaurants include Forbest and Celentano which are famous in Moscow, the legendary Aragvi that is being reconstructed and restored by Tashir, and Grand Food – an international corporation that has opened over 100 fast food cafes across Russia.


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