The Buissup Global Forum opened in Dilijan, Armenia, on September 7. The forum is a platform for educational projects and discussions, established for the purpose of promoting entrepreneurship among Armenia’s young people. The forum is the final stage in the run-up to the 2021 Armenian Business Forum, which will open in Yerevan on September 20. This series of business events is organized by the Armenian Business Association with support from Tashir Group.

Over the seven days of the forum, more than 200 participants from various parts of the world will get a unique opportunity to acquire new skills, present their projects and meet new partners for joint undertakings. “Developing entrepreneurship among our young people is a growth opportunity for Armenia and a priority for small and medium-sized businesses. We see what a huge potential our young people have today and how many talented kids are eager to implement their business ideas. This is why it is so important for us to consolidate our resources and stimulate entrepreneurship among our young people, creating conditions for such projects to develop,” Samvel Karapetyan, president and founder of the Armenian Business Association and founder of Tashir Group, said in his welcoming address.

The Buissup Global Forum is a week-long convention, which includes a number of educational and business events, lectures and round tables. The subjects covered at the forum include the basics of entrepreneurship, finance management, marketing and sales, communications and others – in a word, everything that an up-and-coming entrepreneur needs to launch their business successfully. The panel of speakers includes executives of major companies, including some multinational corporations, representatives of successful startup projects and NGOs promoting entrepreneurship, and experienced business coaches who will share their expertise and explain what it takes to build a successful company. Experts and other participants will share their experience of promoting entrepreneurship among young people. The Buissup Global Forum will include a panel discussion on the subject of “Mission 2030: Armenia’s technological progress and business development,” which will be joined by Synopsys Armenia CEO Ovik Musaelyan, FAST Foundation CEO Armen Orujyan, Startup Armenia founder Akop Akopyan and The Crowdfunding Formula founder Gevorg Pogosyan.

At the end of the Dilijan forum, young businessmen will get a chance to present their projects to a professional jury. The finalists selected by the judges will get a chance to present their projects at the 2021 Armenian Business Forum to an audience of major businessmen and investors.

About the Armenian Business Association

The Armenian Business Association is a nonprofit trade association bringing together successful business people of Armenian descent for the purpose of establishing and strengthening trade ties between Russia and Armenia. The primary mission of the Association is to create a new Armenian business community in Russia to foster new business partnerships and an atmosphere of trust among entrepreneurs.

The Association was established by the people who made a sizable contribution to the development of major businesses in Armenia and Russia over the years, strengthening trade ties between the two countries and promoting partnership among Russian and Armenian entrepreneurs. These include Tashir Group President Samvel Karapetyan, Avilon Group Chairman of the Board Kamo Avagumyan, Comedy Club Production founder Artur Dzhanibekyan, Tashir Group First Vice President Varuzhan Artenyan, FORA BANK Chairman of the Board Hayk Ignatyan, RAND TRANS and Chairman of the Board Karen Avagumyan, and Luding CEO Armen Shakhazizyan.

The Association is intended for both active successful business people and up-and-coming entrepreneurs, for whom the Association has developed a number of training events.

«Developing entrepreneurship among our young people is a growth opportunity for Armenia and a priority for small and medium-sized businesses»
Samvel Karapetyan
President and founder of the Armenian Business Association and founder of Tashir Group

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