On August 17, Tashir opened a new building of the RIO shopping mall in Tambov. The group performed all the works on the project, from planning and construction to management and integration into the expanded complex.

The new building has an area of 28,700 square meters, effectively doubling the size of the mall with a combined area of 53,000 sq.m. After the expansion, RIO is the largest shopping center in Tambov. The three-story mall includes a retail section, entertainment facilities, restaurants and a food court with a panoramic view on the municipal park, a 1,000 sq.m. gym and a two-level underground parking area for 300 vehicles.

The shopping mall is located on Sovetskaya Street, Tambov’s main street. Its distinctive architectural features include the use of natural travertine on the building’s facade. With the addition of the second building, the mall will now host a number of new stores by Russian and international operators: Sinsay, Gloria Jeans, Kari, Pyatyorochka and others. The total number of retail tenants in the three-story mall will now go up to about 200.

RIO first opened in Tambov in 2014. It was one of the first modern shopping malls in Tambov and quickly became a popular place for shopping and recreation with approximately 12,000 visitors daily.


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