An opening ceremony for Stage I of a new RusAgroMarket wholesale and distribution center took place in Novosibirsk on March 19. Tashir Group was the prime contractor on the project. Novosibirsk Governor Andrei Travnikov and RusAgroMarket founders took part in the ceremony.

The WDC is a modern multipurpose logistics platform offering market players warehousing, processing, packaging, wholesale and comprehensive logistics services. The center’s digital infrastructure and e-trade platform will help clients find buyers and suppliers of food products in real time.

Stage I has a total area of 103,000 square meters, built on a property of 43 hectares (106 acres). The center includes two multi-temperature and one freezer terminals, wholesale pavilions, as well as auxiliary and technical buildings and structures.


About RusAgroMarket

RusAgroMarket is a holding company created for the purpose of building and operating a network of wholesale and distribution centers. The goal is to create a nationwide platform for efficient processing, packaging, storing, transporting and wholesale distribution of agricultural products, proper animal and plant health control, efficient redistribution of agricultural products between regions, and customs processing of international food trade. The RusAgroMarket project was initiated by Yermak Group, established in 1994.


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