On August 24, Tashir Group signed a large-scale investment agreement worth 305 million rubles with the government of the Yaroslavl Region.

The signing ceremony was attended by Russia’s Construction and Housing Minister Vladimir Yakushev, Yaroslavl Governor Dmitry Mironov, Yaroslavl Region Prime Minister Dmitry Stepanenko and Tashir Group representatives.

As part of the investment project, Tashir Group will be provided with a 10-year lease on a property where apartment complexes of 9 to 18 stories will be built. The property of 73,068 square metres is located on Yaroslavl’s Kotorosl Embankment.

Also, under the same agreement, Tashir will hand over 117 company-owned apartments (with an aggregate area of 7,625 sq.m.) in Yaroslavl to the victims of residential construction co-investment schemes by other developers in the region. The apartments are part of the complex at 17/1 Chernoprudnaya St.

“The government of the Yaroslavl Region has been working hard the last two years to come up with a systemic solution to the problem of co-investment fraud and people who lost their money in these schemes. We have accumulated some positive experience in this area. Because of the steps we’ve taken, we were able to make significant progress and get serious investors involved in tackling this issue. The agreement that the government of the Yaroslavl Region signed with Tashir Group today is an example of that. Tashir is ready to hand over 117 apartments to the victims immediately,” Yaroslavl Governor Dmitry Mironov said.

“The investment agreement we signed today is certainly important to the region. It will help us to work together with the Yaroslavl Region government to address crucial social issues involving specific residents of the region, as well as develop the region’s economy. Very soon, over a hundred families will get their own apartments. These are important initiatives that came as a result of our close cooperation with the regional government and personally with Governor Dmitry Mironov,” Tashir Group Vice President Simon Oveyan said.


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