Tahir Group has once again been recognized among the largest private enterprises of Russia. The independent business magazine Forbes placed it 36th from the top in its “Top 200 private Russian companies” list for the 2015 revenue of 165.1 billion rubles.

Since the last year’s ranking the Group had risen by 9 positions, from the 45th place, thanks to a 30-billion leap in profits. According to Forbes, most of the earnings come from rent of the holding’s RIO shopping centers, while other venues are gaining momentum: construction, including residential buildings, electric power facilities, retail networks, restaurants, and movie theaters.

The holding has stayed on the Forbes list since 2008, steadily climbing from the 62nd place.

Companies in the “Top 200 private Russian companies” list were ranked by 2015 revenues. Only firms with no more than 50% state and foreign participation are considered by Forbes. More information about the rankings is available here.

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