Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin opened a new stage of the Oleg Tabakov Theater. The main investor in the new building’s construction was Tashir Group.

The project involved the creation of a multifunctional complex on the Malaya Sukharevskaya Square, where over 5,000 square meters are allotted to an auditorium with 400 seats, administration and technical rooms and an underground parking lot for 267 vehicles. The auditorium is unique among Moscow’s theaters in that it uses a stage transformation technology—the first 4 rows of seats can be lowered beneath the stage to make it larger.

After examining the new stage, Sergey Sobyanin said: “A popular theater group is receiving not only a spacious new hall but also unique artistic and directorial opportunities to carry out their creative ideas.” The Mayor praised the theater building for state-of-the-art organization of dramatic space.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated Oleg Tabakov on the opening of the long-awaited expansion: “This is an important and joyful event, a grand day for your company and all lovers of drama. I am certain that a modern stage like this will give you more opportunities to develop creative potential of talented actors, directors and designers, realize original new projects.”

The theater has advanced equipment, some of it made by Russian companies; an information diode display is mounted on the façade. The building is faced off with materials not often seen on theater walls: ceramic granite, stainless steel, glass, wood and diode-lit decorative elements.

Oleg Tabakov opened the theater on his own money in 1978, and since then it has become a favorite of theater-goers of Moscow and visitors to the city. In 1997 the Government of Moscow decided to add a new stage to it, but construction only began in 2012, funded jointly by Tashir Group and the city budget. The Group completed the building, arranged the surroundings, finished façade and roof work, took on some of the technical equipage.

The new space of the Tabakerka significantly expands the theater’s directorial and artistic options and allows it to stage various plays—classic drama on the traditional academic stage, musical and experimental pieces, plays for your viewers.

This project is not the first contribution of Tashir Group to the development of theater. In 2013 the Group completed the Arkady Raikin Culture, Art and Recreation Center in Moscow, and in 2017 it will present a renovated Arkady Raikin Russian State Theater Satiriсon and a new building of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater.
Arkady Raikin Culture, Art and Recreation Center Tashir-built and Tashir-constructed Arkady Raikin Culture, Art and Recreation Center opened in Moscow in September of 2013. The Group constructed from the ground up and commissioned the building of a dramatic arts college, a technologically advanced open theater, landscaped the grounds and planted and landscaped a park nearby. The center’s combined area is 85,000 square meters. Read more about it here. Arkady Raikin Russian State Theater Satiriсon The theater was founded in 1939 by the People’s Artist of the USSR Arkady Isaakovich Raikin in Leningrad. Having become widely known among lovers of drama, in 1982 it came to Moscow, settling in the Tajikistan movie theater building. Reconstruction stretched over several years. In 2015 the Government of Moscow decided to renovate the building of the legendary theater at 2, Sheremetyevskaya Street as a part of its theater construction, rebuilding and repair program. Tashir Group became the general contractor for the reconstruction, which will double the building’s area, expand functionality by completely modernizing its technical systems and installing new utilities. The project further involves an expansion of the theater complex, creation of an administration building and a Museum of the Russian Variety Arts. The reborn Satiriсon will greet audiences in 2017.
«This is an important and joyful event, a grand day for your company and all lovers of drama»
Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

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