Tashir Group, a Russian construction and manufacturing company, proudly reflects on its key results in 2016. In 2016, stable growth was shown by key business areas of the company to include construction, development and energy. It was a year of breakthroughs in retail and movie business. The revenue generated by Tashir Group owning and managing assets in construction, development, manufacturing, retail, energy and finance both in Russian and abroad totalled 160 billion rubles.  

Tashir Group has retained its leading position in retail real estate management. As of end of 2016, Tashir Group manages 33 shopping centers; its assets include 8 hotels, 5 business centers and 2 logistics hubs in Russia and in Armenia. Tashir Group's commercial property assets portfolio totals 2.5+ million sq m.

The company’s announcement of transport hubs scheduled to be built in Moscow made the key event of the year. Tashir Group investments in transport hubs Seligerskaya, Troparyovo, and Pyatnitskoye Shosse will total about 35 billion rubles. During the project, Tashir Group will build 310K sq m of retail spaces leading to creation of hundreds of new jobs. All the hubs are scheduled for commissioning before 2020.

A number of large projects in Moscow are currently under construction. In 2016, construction and reconstruction of a 93,700 sq m GBA multifunctional in Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment was started, and building of another one in Aminyevskoye Highway was continued, to cover 125K sq m. A mall in Mytischi near Moscow and a new addition to Avenue chain in Yerevan are soon to be completed.

Opened shopping centers by Tashir Group have won prestigious RCSC Awards 2016. RIO mall in Rumyantsevo, Moscow, was awarded as the best new project of a medium-sized shopping center, while Grand Marina shopping gallery in Sochi got the panel’s special prize for the best realized project to match the surrounding architecture.

In 2016, Tashir Group commenced the completion stage of Bereg Stolitsy premium class cottage complex in Moscow. Before end of 2017, Serebryany Bor park will see 52 modern, multi-level town houses to cover 353 to 1,370 sq m.

Another key project in construction was commissioning of the 5K sq m GBA Oleg Tabakov Theater.
The new theater building is part of a larger construction creating a modern multifunctional theater complex with a new stage and vast technical options to empower production. Tashir Group joined the project in September 2014 and quickly finished construction of all parts of the complex. September 16, the theater was inaugurated and opened its new season.

Also in 2016, construction of Europe’s largest perinatal and cardiological center for 450 patients was continued. The clinic will have the latest equipment and provide specialized care to people with all sorts of cardiovascular pathologies. The centre will appear on the grounds of the Vorokhobov City Hospital No. 67 in Moscow. Its commissioning is scheduled for 2017.

Construction of a new block for Morozov Children’s City Clinical Hospital (CCCH) is reaching its completion and will make one of Moscow’s best clinics, both technically and functionally. The new block will be a 9-level building to include 15 functional departments able to accommodate up to 500 patients. Notably, it is here in the new building that Moscow’s first bone marrow transplantation department will appear.

The key event for multi-profile holding Cascade within Tashir Group was commissioning of a series of new manufacturing objects outside Russia. A new plant in Yerevan started producing modern, certified equipment for civil and industrial automated electricity distribution metering systems, i.e. for Electrical Networks of Armenia. The plant created 500 new jobs in the region.

On December 28 Tashir group and Inter RAO early completed the third and final stage of the sale of CJSC "Electric Networks of Armenia" and JSC "Hrazdan TPP". As a result, 100% of the shares of both companies have passed into the possession of the Tashir group of companies. In the departing year, net profit of Electrical Networks of Armenia totaled over $48 million while investments in the system made over $30 million. At August 1 2016 the company has no overdue accounts payable. Electricity tariffs were twice lowered during 2016. 4,500+ subscribers were added to the system, a record for recent years. To improve customer satisfaction, new modern customer service centers were opened.

In 2016, Zaton TEC-5 was under construction in Ufa. The new unit will bring power and heat to Zaton, one of Ufa’s rapidly developing districts. TEC-5 steam and gas power unit will have a total capacity of 440MW and a heating capacity of 290Gcal/h, helping to lower power deficit in Ufa energy hub and to make power supply to consumers more stable.

FORA BANK kept its positive dynamics in 2016 (see Bank topical supplement by Kommersant publishing house, Issue 120, July 7, 2016). It has once again confirmed its status as one of Russia’s 200 largest banks. During 2016, the bank continued its strategy of expanding its geography and making regional branches efficient. As of the year’s end, the bank has 90 branches in 19 regions. During 2016, 16 new offices were opened in Moscow, Perm, Krasnodar, Armavir, St. Petersburg, and Saransk.

In 2016, Tashir Group accentuated development of its own retail projects. Two new Take Away department stores were opened with 3K sq m total GBA and 60 million rubles of total investments.

Goood’s House household goods store chain opened new shops expanding its geographies in both Russia and Armenia. By the end of 2016, seven Goood’s Houses have been commissioned, to offer 15K+ different goods.

Besides, Tashir Group opened four new food stores of its chain named Ferma.rf and selling a vast variety of local farm foods. The project was introduced in 2015 and currently includes 4 stores.

Restaurants and Entertainment  
In 2016, Tashir Group started new restaurant projects. In May, a 3K sq m GBA D.O.M. restaurant opened in Grand Marina shopping gallery, Sochi. In April, the legendary Aragvi was re-opened in Moscow to cover 1,800 sq m. Moreover, new food concepts were added to Tashir Group’s malls, i.e. Le Melange coffee house, Kvartal restaurant and the second restaurant of Seasons chain in southeast Moscow. Tashir Group invested a total of 60 million rubles in them.

This year was a lucky one for Cinema Star cinema chain. As of the end of 2016, 26 cinemas are open in 16 cities of Russia and Armenia. Cinema Star has retained its leadership among Russia’s largest cinema chains. In recent years, it showed quick growth in number of halls (by about 25%).  A new cinema was commissioned in Euro-Park mall, with several more to be opened soon. During 2016, Cinema Stars were visited by about 7 million people.

Social Projects and Charity
Tashir Group continued realization of a number of programmes for healthcare and education as well as construction and reconstruction of kindergartens, schools, and churches in both Russia and Armenia
In July 2016, a new initiative was started to save the rare species of Amur tigers. Tashir Group held an event to raise awareness of this Far East animal being endangered. Popular malls owned by Tashir Group featured 3D realistic images of the animals along with the Save a Tiger slogan.

Traditionally, the group focuses on the development of sports in Armenia and Russia. In March of this year, Tashir start the tournament contenders for the title of world chess champion, held in Moscow from 11 to 29 March in the framework of the cycle of the world championship of the International Chess Federation (FIDE). Tournament contenders, which is traditionally considered one of the most important and difficult to put together the best chess grandmasters modernity of the six countries of the world. Eight strongest chess players competed for the title of the opportunity to challenge the reigning world champion, the tournament ended with the victory of Sergey Karjakin (Russia).

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