Tashir Group acted as a partner to an open charity auction organised by the Federation Fund, the fees from which will be used to purchase specialised medical and technical equipment for NGOs in Russia. Guests of the event, that took place on November 28 in Moscow, included high-ranking patrons and stars from the world of music and cinema.

The event raised a record 45 million roubles, the proceeds of which will go towards the funding of necessary equipment for, amongst others, the Morozov Children City Hospital; the Odintsovo Central district hospital; the Mikhailovskaya boarding school; the Klin care home for the elderly and disabled; the Molodaya Gvardiya orphanage; the centre for the promotion of family education; and, the children's hospice of St. Petersburg. The post auction celebrations were attended by foreign and local celebrities, including the actors Sophia Loren, Ornella Mutti, the French singer Charles Aznavour, and many others. Along with other honourable guests, they highlighted the importance of such events.

Tashir Group actively invests its own funds in projects of a social nature and numerous charitable programmes. The social projects implemented by the Group include the construction of modern medical and educational institutions, temples, other social infrastructure, support of the sports, plus cultural programmes and activities.


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