Tashir MEDICA, an investment company which is part of Tashir Group, will cover the baseline IVF cost for 100 couples at Fomin Clinic in Tver in order to make the expensive procedure more affordable. This is the first private investment in in vitro fertilization in Russia.

The new initiative is called “Working on a Miracle Together.” It will complement government funding provided through territorial quotas, which quickly run out.

Tashir MEDICA and Fomin Clinic, a nationwide network of clinics specializing in gynecology, came up with a social project which will augment the quota subsidies by attracting commercial investors.

Any woman residing in Tver Oblast who has been issued an IVF recommendation by a doctor can apply by filling out a form on the project’s page.

“We really hope that this social project evolves into a large-scale campaign, which will help many women fulfill their dream of having children. There are certainly a lot of hurdles along the way, but initiatives like ours help a large number of couples with limited funds. We hope that such social programs and private investment will give rise to a new trend, and other major companies will follow in our footsteps. Also, I would like to say a big thank-you to Tashir MEDICA for their openness and willingness to join our initiative,” Fomin Clinic founder Dmitry Fomin said.

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