On April 19, the Moscow Construction Oversight Committee commissioned ONYX Deluxe, a premium-class residential complex in southwestern Moscow. The complex was built by Tashir Estate (part of Tashir Group), which is currently ranked as Russia’s fifth largest developer in the business class segment (Forbes, October 29, 2020). Next, the company will start issuing keys to apartment owners. The group has invested a total of 6.5 billion rubles in the project.

ONYX Deluxe is located at 43/7 Khersonskaya Street in the upscale area of Cheryomushki, close to Gazprom’s Moscow headquarters. The modern complex consists of three sections (32, 26 and 32 stories, respectively) and has a total area of 64,000 square meters. ONYX Deluxe has 533 apartments with panoramic windows (apartment area 44-233 sq.m.), including special formats like apartments with terraces (20-38 sq.m.) and two-level penthouses with unique views on Moscow. The complex has an underground parking garage and a parking lot for visitors inside the compound.

“In many ways, ONYX Deluxe is a unique complex which is exclusive in every aspect: its architectural solutions, the way its space is organized, the way it uses modern technology, the way every little detail is taken care of to make the lives of its residents more comfortable. We did our best to think about every little thing to make sure people feel comfortable here. This kind of comprehensive and at the same time highly personalized approach will become our new standard for premium-class construction projects,” Tashir Group First Vice President Karen Karapetyan said.

The ground floor of ONYX Deluxe will have a movie theater, a residents-only gym, a playing area for residents’ children, a spa and a coffee shop. The gated compound will include a landscaped park of about 6 hectares with fountains and a promenade, recreational areas, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. The compound also includes all necessary social infrastructure: a supermarket, a daycare center, several schools, a pharmacy, dry cleaners, a restaurant, etc.

The project pays a lot of attention to the architectural aspect. The building was designed by Arwest. The facade of the building is decorated with natural stone and a lighting system. Entrances and hallways are decorated with natural materials, mostly onyx, giving the complex its unique look. Onyx is an expensive semi-precious stone that the complex is named after. ONYX Deluxe has a 24/7 concierge service with personal assistants and a three-level access control system. Also, Section A has high-speed panoramic elevators offering impressive views of central Moscow.

ONYX Deluxe is located in a picturesque area in southwestern Moscow. It is within a short distance of Vorontsovsky Park, a green recreational area in the southwestern part of the capital. It is conveniently located close to subway stations, making it a quick commute to the downtown. In 2021, a new subway station, Zyuzino, is expected to open in immediate proximity to the complex.

«This kind of comprehensive and at the same time highly personalized approach will become our new standard for premium-class construction projects»
Karen Karapetyan
Tashir Group First Vice President

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