Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin visited the construction site of a new perinatal center at Hospital 67 in northwestern Moscow. Tashir Group is the prime contractor on the project.

The state-of-the-art center of 51,700 sq. m. will replace an obsolete maternity division building built in the 1950s. It will specialize in treating women and infants suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Tashir Group started building the clinic in 2015. Currently, all the major construction works have been finished, and the company is working on interior design, laying pipes and installing equipment.

Sergey Sobyanin said, “Over the next five years, the government of Moscow will implement a large-scale program, building new hospitals and clinics. As one of the key elements in this program, we will build a new perinatal center at Hospital 67, which is one of Moscow’s leading hospitals. The people of Moscow will get a unique medical center where children with even the most serious diseases will receive necessary treatment and where women with serious conditions will get a chance to become happy mothers. Healthy women, too, will be welcome to give birth to their children here. Over 800 health care professionals will be working at the new hospital.”

The perinatal center will include an obstetrics department (a delivery ward, four operating rooms and an intensive care unit) for 240 in-patients, a pediatric department (three operating rooms and an intensive care unit) for 90 in-patients, and a diagnostics center for women and infants. In addition to main department, the new center will have specialized divisions.

In 2018, Tashir Group completed the construction of one of Moscow’s most advanced and largest clinics for children, the Morozov Children’s Hospital.

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