Forbes has included Fora Bank in its list of Russia’s most reliable banks.

This is the first time the bank made it into the Forbes rankings. The magazine has been publishing the list annually since 2017. Fora Bank is ranked 98th with a B- rating (Fitch) and assets at 51,917.6 million rubles.
“If a bank is listed high in the Forbes reliability rankings, it means customers can trust it when making their banking decisions,” the magazine writes.

Only 100 Russian credit organizations out of 431 registered banks with the Central Bank in the territory of the state are among the most reliable. The rankings are based on assessments provided by leading Russian and international credit rating agencies. The list is divided into five groups (from BBB- to B-).

Fora Bank is a joint-stock commercial bank registered with the Bank of Russia on May 27, 1992, and operating throughout Russia. Since 2002, the bank has been part of Tashir Group.

More about the Forbes rankings here.

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