Tashir Group has commenced the completing stage of constructing a modern, premium class residential complex Bereg Stolitsy located in Serebryany Bor, Khoroshevsky district of Moscow. Tashir Group has invested a total of approx. USD 150 million in the project.

The premium class cottage settlement covers about 8 hectares, all in all. Bereg Stolitsy is situated in Serebryany Bor park, on the bank of the Moskva River at the cutoff channel. The southern border of the territory is Tamanskaya Street. It is perfectly placed against the city center and its largest arteries: Volokolamskoye, Rublyovskoye and Leningradskoye Highways, Third Transport Ring (about 6km) and the Moscow Ring Road (about 4km).

The cottages are being built to replace the outdated and irreparable technical constructions dating back to 1950s and 1970s. A total of 52 contemporary multi-level townhouses (including a villa and a residence) with floor area ranging from 353 sq m to 1,370 sq m will be erected. The overall residential area will make up about 40,000 sq m. The complex also includes an open parking lot for 117 cars.

Bereg Stolitsy perfectly fits the landscape and the nature conservation area surrounding it. As the cottage settlement is built, the territory around it will be improved. 300m of the bank will turn into a green zone including walking alleys, recreation areas, and a marina.

Andrey Ilyaev, Senior Vice President, Tashir Group, notes: “We’ve designed this project as a perfect place for life, environment-friendly and comfortable. It is so special because it is found in a park on the Moskva River bank. Given that, it is still close to downtown and key roads. Bereg Stolitsy will make a cozy, safe, modern territory in an ecologically sound area of Moscow.”

Architectural and technical solutions applied during construction conform to global standards and ensure maximum safety and comfort. The complex concept considers the future residents’ needs while looking unique and future-proof, architecturally. Natural stones (granite and travertine) are used in the exterior design. Residential areas are spacey, light and highly glazed. All apartments have loggias and balconies.

Serebryany Bor

A forest expanse in the north-west of Moscow, within a bend of the Moskva River, on a man-made island created by a cutoff channel, it is a natural monument within the Moskvoretsky natural and historical park. The unique natural complex with vast variety of landscapes, rich flora and fauna has become a Muscovites’ favorite leisure area.

Serebryany Bor offers a marina; comfortable beaches with restaurants and cafés; and leisure zones with sports equipment rentals. The park covers a total of 328 hectares.

«We’ve designed this project as a perfect place for life, environment-friendly and comfortable
Andrey Ilyaev
Senior Vice President

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