According to the recently published Commercial Real Estate Companies Rating 2013, Tashir is the Number One developer in Russia in the area of retail property. The rating is based on 2012 year-end data of leading developers.

The rating includes those companies that built the highest number of square metres of office, retail, and warehousing real estate in the territory of Russia in 2012. Tashir Group is winning with a large margin: the company owns six RIO retail centres in various locations around Russia, totaling 370 thousand square metres with an additional 247 thousand square metres being rented.
Tashir Group maintains its leading position in retail property and owns the largest chain of shopping and entertainment centres in Russia: as of now, the company has implemented 28 retail development projects, including 18 RIO centres in various locations around Russia.

Year 2012 was one of the most successful for the company: Tashir commissioned 11 properties totalling about 800 thousand square metres. In addition to 6 RIO centres in various Russian towns, Tashir Group also commissioned Dalma Garden Mall in Yerevan, Gazoil City housing complex and Gazoil City business centre in Moscow, Dirijabl housing complex in Moscow, and SK Royal Hotel in Yaroslavl.
In 2012, the total revenue of the company was $2.9 billion while the total amount of investment was $1.4 billion.
In 2013, Tashir intends to maintain its leading position in the property development sector.

CRE Rating 2013 is a new special supplement to Commercial Real Estate magazine published by Impress Media. It is a directory of companies operating in the area of commercial real estate in Russia that were most active in 2012. The directory includes four types of operation: developers, investors, managing companies, and brokers.

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