This April 5, Tashir Group opened its new RIO mall in Rostov-on-Don. A total of 170M USD has been invested in the project. At 100,000 sq.m. GBA, anchor tenants include Nash Gipermarket food retailer owned by Sedmoy Kontinent, Eldorado home appliances store, and Nash Dom DIY hypermarket. The mall is now 95% leased.

The largest spaces are taken by Eldorado and Nash Dom. Nash Gipermarket by Sedmoy Kontinent owns its area. Besides anchor tenants, RIO hosts famous brands including Zolla, O'Stin, Gloria Jeans, Incity, Modis, Savage, Pierre Cardin, Woolstreet, Centro, Rendez-vous, Pan Chemodan, Kids Garden, L’Etoile, Vito Ponti, Red Cube, watch and jewellery boutiques, and Assorti restaurant. The entertainment zone occupies a whole level.

To add to the cinema, there is a large, 600 sq.m. skating-rink, bowling and kids’ play centre; a fitness hall is planned to be open soon. According to Tashir Group, 40% tenants are now finishing their spaces and contracts have been signed for 95% of the whole retail area.

As forecasted, the new mall can expect 20,000 to 50,000 people traffic per day. To accommodate guests, RIO got a two-level, 1,000 car parking lot.

The mall’s key decoration is its unique dome ceiling made to resemble starry sky. The grand opening gathered together several popular young performers, Gorod 312 and In-Yan, Classic Show Infiniti and Latino Brasil Carnaval; famous Alexey Yagudin, Tatiana Navka and Roman Kostomarov starred in the skate dancing show.

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