This October 28, the first-ever Aquarium in Moscow opened within RIO Mall at Dmitrovskoe Highway. The unique project to introduce malls to a new format of entertainment features over 10,000 inhabitants. The project was fully realized by Tashir Group, Russia’s leading developer. The Group invested a total of 18M USD in the project.

Aquarium in RIO at Dmitrovskoe Highway holds 1.1 thousand tons of water and features 250 species of sea and freshwater fish, with over 10,000 animals all together. The Aquarium project to cover 3,500 sq.m. has a special zoning principle to combine sea and tropical concepts, with eight theme spaces: Polar, Lagoon, Jungle, Seals, Amazonia, Cave, Ocean, and Tropics. Aquarium guests can enjoy flora and fauna from all over the world: fish, coral reefs, mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles.

Its key attraction is a huge water tank with a transparent tunnel going through it, allowing the guests to find themselves inside the underwater kingdom and witness the Aquarium inhabitants’ life in the way previously only available to divers.


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