President and Founder of Tashir Group INFLUENCE As of the end of 2018, Samvel Karapetyan’s Tashir Group owned and managed 52 commercial real estate assets, with 12 more assets in the pipeline. Total area of the already commissioned facilities reaches about 2.5m square meters. Among them are shopping malls, residential developments, business centers, hotels as well as logistics and sport centers. The total revenue of Tashir Group in 2018 amounted to 172bn rubles. In December 2018 the 18th RIO Mall in the city of Arkhangelsk was added to this national chain. As of the early 2019, the total volume of commercial and residential real estate under active construction is about 1,478,000 sq. m. Last August RIO Mall on Kiev Highway in Moscow was redeveloped and the first 70,000-sqm project of Tashir’s furniture chain Family Room (winner of CRE Moscow Awards) was launched. Mr. Karapetyan is included in the rating of 200 richest Russian businesspeople (ranked third in 2018), according to Forbes. Furthermore, Mr. Karapetyan was again celebrated as one of the leaders of Forbes’ Russian Property Kings 2019 rating. He was ranked third with the rental income of $670 million in 2018.

In 2-3 years to come Tashir Group will not only build transfer hubs (Seligerskaya, Park Pobedy, Troparevo, Pyatnitskoye shosse, Vykhino), but will also raise modern retail, office and living space in their territory. Early in 2019 the start of Expo Center investment project at VDNH has been announced that includes renovation and upgrading of two functional pavilions as well as construction of a new showroom. The total area will come to about 300,000 sq. m.. Also in the pipeline are large-scale projects in the Moscow region and other Russian regions. Work continues on creating one of the most technologically advance projects in Tashir’s portfolio: a hospital in the territory of International Medical Cluster in Skolkovo. This largest mixed-use medical center will become the first fully digital institution of the world level in Russia. In May 2018 Tashir Group joined hands with RosAgroMarket holding to lay the first stone of a pilot wholesale distribution center of the national chain in the city of Novosibirsk. Total area of the first phase will come to 105,000 sq. m. The luxury project Bereg Stolitsy in Silver Pine Park is in the final stage. Construction works on Ambassador Golf Club Residence premium-class apartments are close to completion. Tashir Group has set to the construction of the 345,000-sqm business-class residential quarter Stellar City in Skolkovo district.
Mr. Karapetyan is married and has three children. He’s fond of traveling and soccer.

First Vice President, Tashir Group INFLUENCE
In 2018 the rental income of Tashir Group increased by $20 million year-on-year. As of late 2017 – early 2018 Tashir Group retained leading positions in terms of commercial real estate assets under management: 33 SCs, 9 hotel resorts, 8 BCs, 3 logo centers and 3 housing estates. A new RIO mall that opened in the city of Arkhangelsk (26,000 sq. m) was added to Group’s retail assets. Redevelopment of RIO Mall on Kiev Highway resulted in the first project of Tashir Group’s furniture chain launched, which is also one of the largest in the capital city (70,000-sqm Family Room). The average occupancy of retail facilities owned by Tashir Group amounted to 98% as of the end of 2018, exceeding the indicators of several previous years. Among the professional achievements of Sarkis, the company points to centralized management of all commercial real estate assets owned by Tashir Group and creating the Save Time express delivery service. The Group set to the construction of five transfer hubs in Moscow: Park Pobedy, Seligerskaya, Pyatnitskoye shosse, Troparevo and Vykhino. The Take Away department store chain cropped up, apaty from the Group’s own malls. Work is under way on the 1,000-sqm flagship project and on regional expansion of this chain. The opening of four department stores is in the pipeline for 2019. At the present time Mr. Karapetyan supervises some new Moscow and regional projects, including a 70,000-sqm mall on Aminyevskoye shosse in Moscow, 180,000- sqm mall in suburban Mytishchi as well as the five transfer hubs, with total area about 460,000 sq. m.
Sarkis is married, bringing up a daughter. His hobbies: wrestling, soccer, films and music.


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